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Altron Rest of Africa

Altron Rest of Africa is a division of Altron Group, a JSE-listed technology company headquartered in South Africa. With operations across Africa and the Middle East, our teams combine technical expertise with in-depth customer understanding to provide end-to-end holistic technology solutions.

Our Solutions

Altron Rest of Africa focuses on delivering solutions in four Segments: Digital Transformation, Managed Services, Smart Internet of Things (Smart IoT), and Fintech & Healthtech. The solutions in each of these segments are delivered by one or more of our Group operations to our customers with seamless end-to-end technology solutions. These Segments focus on a range of unique and innovative technologies. Taken in combination, these technologies are used to build a comprehensive set of solutions that include appropriate hardware, software, and consulting services.

Smart IOT

Digital Transformation

Managed Services

HealthTech & FinTech

Altron Rest of Africa is a division of Altron with operations across Africa and the Middle East.

Our Footprint

Altron Rest of Africa currently comprises six operations across Africa and the Middle East, with our extensive solutions and services being delivered into these nations through our in-country offices, via locally-based Altron Group partners and directly from South Africa when required.

As a global African company, we are committed to using technology innovatively to meet the societal challenges. We want to see the continent enabled to work and progress.

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