Altron Middle East

Craig Cocker

Country General Manager: Middle East

Altron Middle East, a company within the Altron Group’s Altron Rest of Africa division, is executing the organisation’s One Altron strategy in the region, while simultaneously driving growth.

The Middle East has been experiencing a large-scale digital transformation in recent years, as more and more people come online. The aim is to transform the Middle East’s entire ICT sector, to facilitate new services, ecosystems and revenue streams.

The region is working to create suitable conditions to accommodate advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence as well as the Internet of Things, to reach the principle of sustainability and happiness. To this end, Altron Rest of Africa aim to assist by empowering digital transformation that will, in turn, benefit the various economic and social sectors within the Middle East.

Our offerings are delivered to customers in the Middle East directly through our local office and in conjunction with our partner distribution channel. Additional and ongoing support is also offered by the Altron operating companies based in South Africa.

Our Segments

Smart IOT

Digital Transformation

Managed Services

HealthTech & FinTech

The products, services and solutions include amongst others:

Systems Integration


Broadband Infrastructure Installations

Vehicle Tracking

Business Process Outsourcing

ICT Outsourcing

Printing Equipment Solutions

Medical Practice Management Systems

Information Security Services