Altron Mozambique

Arone Buque

Country General Manager: Mozambique

Altron Mozambique is a company within Altron Group’s Rest of Africa division, responsible for the execution of our One Altron strategy in Mozambique, as well as driving growth in the country.

While Mozambique, as a nation, is yet to realise the full potential of its ICT sector in helping to further develop its economy, and progress with regard to the ICT targets that are intended to enable the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, it has had several successes. These include licensing and regulatory achievements in telecommunications, which have stimulated competition and contributed to meeting national policy objectives.

Nonetheless, there remains plenty of potential for growth in this market, and Altron Mozambique aims to play our part in creating a more enabling environment for ICTs continued success in this country.

We achieve this by providing both our existing and prospective customers with exposure to our entire range of ICT products, services, and solutions. These offerings are delivered to Mozambican customers through our local office and in conjunction with our partner distribution channel, with ongoing close support offered by the Altron operating companies in neighbouring South Africa.

Our Solutions

Smart IOT

Digital Transformation

Managed Services

HealthTech & FinTech

The products, services and solutions include amongst others:

Systems Integration

Printing Equipment Solutions

Information Security Services

ICT Outsourcing