Extended Markets

In our quest to deliver on our One Altron strategy and focus our products and services in the rest of Africa and deliver innovation that matters, we aim to be the leading technology solutions provider in our new markets. As an African company, we recognise that technology can be leveraged to realise Africa’s significant growth potential.

Altron Rest of Africa plans to evolve and grow organically as we assist Africa in tackling head-on the challenges of digital transformation, skills development, and the expansion of the knowledge base, thus enabling African economies to lead in the global community.

Altron Rest of Africa’s core responsibility is to provide both clients and markets with full exposure to Altron’s entire range of technology products, services and solutions. We combine our technical expertise and in-depth customer understanding to consistently provide end-to-end holistic technology solutions.

Our Extended footprint currently consists of:
1. Eswatini -Altron Eswatini (Pty) Limited
2. Lesotho -Altron Lesotho (Pty) Limited
3. Malawi -Altron Technologies Limited (Malawi Company)
4. Rwanda -Altron Rwanda Limited
5. Tanzania – Altron Tanzania Limited
6. Zambia -Altron Technologies Zambia Limited
7. Uganda – Coming up

Each African country is unique, presenting a distinct blend of cultural, business and regulatory nuances which require adaptation and customisation. This is an area to which Altron Rest of Africa is particularly suited, having grown from strength to strength, building strong, locally managed businesses while remaining fully committed and invested in each of our chosen markets.

The products, services and solutions include amongst others:

Systems Integration


Broadband Infrastructure Installations

Vehicle Tracking

Business Process Outsourcing

ICT Outsourcing

Printing Equipment Solutions

Medical Practice Management Systems

Information Security Services