Partner Network

Altron’s Partner Network is critical to its African operations, because the continent requires unique and tailored solutions to suit individual countries.

Because of the nature of these different regions, we are fully aware that the vagaries of these individual markets are best handled by allying ourselves with skilled and experienced partner organisations that are based in each of the nations in which we operate.

Nothing beats having access to hands-on local knowledge and expertise, and it is for this reason that Altron Rest of Africa’s individual country operations have chosen to work with the best local talent available in this regard. The key areas where local entities assist us are in the areas of Managed Services, Document Solutions, Netstar and Nexus.

Between Altron Rest of Africa’s own in-country operations across the continent and its numerous local partners, we are well positioned to meet the requirements of customers throughout these regions. Moreover, in the unlikely instance where neither the local Altron business, or its partners are able to help, assistance will be provided directly from the head office in South Africa.

The products, services and solutions include amongst others:

Systems Integration


Broadband Infrastructure Installations

Vehicle Tracking

Business Process Outsourcing

ICT Outsourcing

Printing Equipment Solutions

Medical Practice Management Systems

Information Security Services