Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a process through which organisations can leverage advances in technology to optimise or completely redesign business models as well as operating models to deliver enhanced end-user experiences for customers, employees, ecosystem partners across value chains.

Altron Rest of Africa’s technology professionals have deep expertise in areas such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT); data analytics (including artificial Intelligence and machine learning) and have guided clients to develop strategies to overcome legacy operating systems and cumbersome internal processes that so often serve as a barrier to innovation and value creation

Digital strategy consulting

We have partnered with forward-thinking organisations to drive their innovation agenda, leading to the successful completion of projects in areas such as automation, digitisation of information, data visualisation and insights delivery. We have also achieved seamless integration across platforms and core systems.

We provide clients with practical tools to assess their digital maturity and help chart a plan to transitioning operations into the digital realm. Our delivery roadmaps and change management tools provide customer clear deliverables and business outcomes that quickly deliver tangible value to your business.

Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise applications help in driving operational excellence and optimise use of resources in areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management solutions and finance and operations. In addition, our digital workspace, unified communications and collaboration and productivity tools enable flexible and remote working arrangements and unleash the potential of your teams anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Computing

Altron Rest of Africa boasts partnerships with leading cloud platform providers across the world. We are able to offer our clients across the continent access to cloud computing capabilities and related services, thus enabling them to achieve scalability, flexibility and agility. Our combination of cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are delivered in a manner that is fit for purpose and in compliance with local laws and regulations in relation to the transfer of data.

Offload the day-to-day provisioning of significant chunks of the IT function.

Data Analytics

Altron’s rest of Africa team are able to connect you to some of the best data analytics subject matter experts within Altron and on the African continent. Our solutions also include powerful data visualisation and big data analytics tools for supporting decision-making. We leverage AI and machine learning techniques to help our clients automate repetitive business processes while harnessing big data to enhance the customer experience. Our network of software vendors and niche software companies will augment your analytics capabilities.

Smart IOT

Our Smart IoT capabilities allow managers to better manage enterprise assets and resources, optimise use of plant and equipment, while providing real-time data on machine performance including early warning signs for machine downtime. We support public sector institutions to improve service delivery through the use of Smart IoT devices to monitor infrastructure while delivering insights to city managers quickly and efficiently.

Innovation management

Our customers can access our world-class innovation management platforms, which help to harness the creative potential of employees and customers to co-create solutions for real life challenges. Through these platforms, we have assisted leading multinational institutions across industries, democratised the product development process as well as significantly enhancing customer experience and improving the employee value proposition.

Digital engagement and social media strategies

At Altron Rest of Africa, we firmly believe customer experience is the new battleground. Our team of application developers, web design teams and social media experts work with clients to formulate creative and engaging ways to connect your clients and customers with your brand while optimising your brand marketing spend.

Cyber-Security and compliance

In an era of rapid change and digital transformation, cybersecurity and compliance with data privacy regulations remains an absolute priority area for business leaders. Our solutions address fraud risk, safeguard businesses assets and intellectual property, while safeguarding customer data through the use of robust data governance solutions and frameworks, including advanced threat intelligence and cybersecurity.