Smart IOT

IoT has seen the global proliferation of countless sensors and devices, including computer chips, small components, equipment, machinery and vehicles being connected to the internet. This creates complex information flows and explosions in big data that is often difficult for conceptualise. The implications for businesses across the continent are both exciting and daunting.

At Altron Rest of Africa, our offerings include Smart City and Safe City solutions that allow public sector institutions to improve service delivery. These solutions also enhance the effectiveness of monitoring, compliance and enforcement processes, enabling a safer, more secure experience for citizens, tourists and business travellers in a globally competitive world.

Through Smart IoT, Altron Rest of Africa assists businesses across sectors including retail, mining, energy and resources, transportation and logistics, manufacturing as well as related industries. We aid them in harnessing the combined effects of data analytics, increase network speeds and bandwidth, improve computing power, and make advancements in manufacturing processes to create radically new value propositions for clients and end-users.

Smart City and Broadband projects

We partner with cities and public sector institutions to roll out large-scale broadband network projects, ushering in a new dawn of high-speed connectivity for city dwellers and tourists. In doing so, we are contributing to a major goal of African cities: to improve access to information for all and to close the digital divide across all levels of society.

Safe City

Our Safe City solution allows for use of Smart IoT to enhance monitoring and surveillance of activities and the development of intelligence to combat public safety and security threats. Our offerings include integrated technology solutions to assist regulators to monitor compliance with, and enforcement, of regulations such as road traffic laws for road users, pedestrians, and commuters.

We support our customers with IoT technologies and mobile software.

Two-way, narrowband and mission-critical communication network

Narrowband networks offer stable, reliable, and secure modality for mission-critical two-way radio communications, not only in times of disaster management or emergency situations, but also for when existing communications are disrupted or temporarily inaccessible.

Across Africa, we support city managers, emergency services providers, private security companies and other sectors by designing, supplying and maintaining robust two-way radio equipment and related networks. We do this through our local offices, partners and equipment manufacturers, as well as service delivery partners and resellers at the frontlines across the continent; a network we have built and harnessed over many years.

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Altron’s traditional strengths and market leadership in the spheres of vehicle tracking, telematics, and stolen vehicle recovery in the retail consumer space continues to present new and exciting opportunities to provide innovation that matters within Smart IoT. Connected devices provide fleet managers in travel and logistics, air freight, state institutions and other sectors the ability to track and manage assets remotely while maximising asset use and security at all times. Our Data Analytics teams develop powerful visualisation tools and real time reports, which empower operational managers to take decisions around asset management.

Insurance Telematics and Analytics

Our extensive investment in research and development and innovation management continue to allow us to find new applications for Insurance Telematics and Analytics in other sectors and geographies. We partner with multi-national insurance companies to develop and deploy insurance telematics solutions that help to encourage, monitor and reward improved driver behaviour, while providing powerful insights to insurance groups in relation to improved customer engagement, more accurate modelling of risks, and enhanced underwriting and product development processes.

Commercial and Industrial IOT

As African economies continue to diversify and industrialise local economies, the demand for solutions that optimise factory operations including improved plant and equipment performance has never been more relevant. Altron’s dedicated centres of excellence have developed capabilities that support and allow managers to better manage enterprise assets and resources, optimising the use of plant and equipment. These insights not only inform preventative maintenance programmes and schedules, but they also provide real time data on machine performance, including early warning signs for machine downtime.

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