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When you need to move fast, sometimes you make choices that help you in the short-term but can threaten your ability to quickly deliver new customer features in the future. You need the app security, performance, and visibility your business requires without slowing down development. We call that a Secure Cloud Architecture.

F5 can help design a Secure Cloud Architecture across all your diverse cloud environments to provide a consistent operational environment for the strategic control point to apps no matter where that app is running. We provide a consistent front door to every app, with enterprise-grade infrastructure and security services, as well as scale, reliability, security, and consistency.

F5 can help design a self-service catalog of application services that are available to any app, no matter where it sits. These can be readily consumed through CI/CD tools via declarative API’s. This removes the sluggish ticketing system, allowing you to move with the speed of developers. Instead of going around operations teams, the developers get an SLA as easy and agile as the Public Cloud app services, with robust enterprise control, enabling developers to spend more time focusing on building apps


7 Steps to simplify migrating architectures to the cloud

Face it: most IT architectures are complicated and if you’re considering migrating to the cloud, you’re right to be concerned about the vast changes that will be required of your architecture— and your organization— as you make your transition.

5 Principles for optimizing app performance in the cloud

Speed and agility continue to be among the leading motives for enterprise cloud adoption, since slow has become unacceptable in this fast-paced world we live in. But as a DevOps practitioner tasked with accelerating app deployments while improving app performance and ensuring security, what does it take to modernize your systems and processes to overcome
slow in the cloud? We have a few suggestions.

The App Factory: A Slow Movement Towards Rapid Change

These days, application delivery—especially in large organizations with a mix of new and heritage systems—is a bit … chaotic. Organizations are adopting DevOps practices and tools in an effort to speed up the delivery of applications to customers. But the transition hasn’t been smooth. Culture, tools, team structures, individual roles, and skill requirements are all in flux.

F5 Secure Cloud Architecture Solution overview

Secure Cloud Apps without slowing development. Key Features and Differentiators of F5 Solutions that Enable a Secure Cloud Architecture


Manage Consistent Policies

Across Clouds with F5

Many developers today have decided that a multi-cloud strategy is the key to building and deploying better apps, faster. This approach only works, though, if you have a way to centrally manage policies across cloud environments. The answer? An integrated multi-cloud management solution from F5.

SCA Lightboard Lessons

How can you effectively secure your web applications when they are dispersed in so many cloud locations? And, how can you keep a consistent security policy across all your applications?

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